The Storm Family now has a web page! Wahooo stay tuned for updates...

With love and a bond stronger than mother nature's forces bearing our namesake, we boldly embrace the Internet! Umm this is our webpage...

Max Storm (top left), Shara Storm (top right), Dusty Storm (lower left) and Janelle Storm (lower right)


Cast Members:

Father - Max Storm

Mother - Shara Storm

#1 Son - Dusty Storm

Daughter - Janelle Storm


Max and Shara Storm at Christmas
Max & Shara at Chrismas


Dusty and Sasha the amazing Alaskan Malamute!
Dusty and Sasha

Janelle Storm at Christmas
Janelle the Elf


Our Favorite Links:

Max The St. Louis 1904 Worlds Fair Homepage

Shara That's Shara!


"The DustMax" - My customized Yamaha Vmax and latest obsession!


Bubba - Monte Python's description of Janelle's rabbit, Bubba.